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The Property Investment Acadamy has seminars designed to take anyone from beginner to property millionaire, using our unique property M.A.P.

The academy that gets life changing results.

This review is from someone who attended 3 weeks ago. Absolutely owned the training and is a master at implementation. No question where he’s going in life.


I served 13 years in the military, leaving in 2008 to pursue a career in Construction Management, in which I was very successful progressing in 2015 where I became a Head of Business for a major blue chip global company which came with a great deal of stress and extreme travel arrangements. Some days I could be getting on 4 different planes and travelling upto 3000 miles every week.
This took a serious toll of my personal life with my family, health, fitness and mental well being. I needed a change and I found that in the PIA.
I attended the first 1 day workshop and subsequently enrolled on to the Elite training approximately a year later to solely learn about property and earn some money.
Little did I know at the time what a journey I was about to embark upon in ALL areas of my life…
Health & Fitness
I have always had a passion for fitness generally involving strength training and bodybuilding which I did throughout my time in the Forces and for some years beyond. 2015 this stopped
In 2015 I started to drink heavily in attempt to numb the stresses of my day to day life, this gradually got worse through 2017 and 2018. I hid this well from my family as I was working away for most of the time and when I returned home for the weekend it was easy to justify after a hectic week.
On the average night I would drink 4 pints of beer, a bottle of wine and a couple of Jack Daniels before bed. On a session, this would double easily. I did not recognise that I had a problem, I did not label myself an alcoholic, I was just a guy that liked a drink, a guy that was sociable.
During day one of the Elite training this realisation and recognition of the issue hit me like a train and I spent most of the week in tears publicly and privately, unable to express myself without being overcome with emotion. I further realised how much darkness and anger there was inside of me which I hadn’t let come out and I had repressed this for many, many years. Still, today I work on this every single day, being given the tools and strategies to deal with my emotions and behaviours.
I did not tell the group of my problems and kept these to myself – other than one fellow Elite member with whom I confided in. I genuinely believe that I have made a true friend for the rest of my life, I now feel able to share this story with everyone in the hope that it can help others realise or recognise that they need to take action if they re experiencing difficulties as I did.
I started the Elite training on 23rd September 2018 – the last alcoholic drink I had was on the 22nd.
I do not drink.
I have also since taken up cycling, investing in a road bike and all of the associated equipment. I have also re-energised my passion for fitness and started running again. One of my goals for 2019 is to complete the Brigg Bi-Athlon

Personal Relationships
The “Wheel of life” exercise was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever encountered and again, I immediately recognised that I had been neglecting my family for time at work.
I dismissed my parents whenever they spoke to me because I believed I was too busy
I had not seen my eldest daughter for longer than 20 minutes in over a year.
I had not spent a night away with my wife in 4 years (other than an annual holiday).
I had not taken her for dinner in over 18 months.
I dismissed my wife entirely when she tried to discuss her interest in NLP and mindset training whenever she raised it
All because I was too busy with work, this is simply bullshit of course – I just wasn’t managing my time effectively which, again given the strategies I have learned we are now back to where we were when we first met and this will continue forever.
I spend quality time with my parents every week.
I have booked one night away with my wife every month until March 2019
I see my daughter every week and spend quality time with her.
I have booked a meal out with my wife every month until March 2019.
We now spend hours discussing mindset, strategies and NLP and I have grown to really embrace it and am actively enlightening others.
Life couldn’t be better
We are in the final stages of completion on a commercial to residential conversion – straight in for the big one….
Purchase price of £120k (plus 5k in 12 months)
GDV: £600k (6 apartments)
Build costs: £180k over 8 months
Gross Equity Gain: £295k
Gross Rental Income: £36k pa
Alternatively we are considering the following (with a feasibility study currently underway):
Purchase price of £120k (plus 5K in 12 months)
GDV: £530k (Restaurant with 3 apartments over)
Build costs: £130k over 7 months
Gross Equity Gain: £275k
Gross Rental Income: £40k pa