If you’re the smartest person you know you’re in trouble, if you don’t associate with someone well above your pay level you’re in trouble. If you know where you’d like to go and haven’t identified someone who’s already getting those kind of results you’d like and you haven’t invested to gain their experience you’re in trouble.

We either pay the price to invest or we pay the price of mistakes, wasted time and a lifetime of struggle.

The misconception here is wealthy people invest because they have money when in fact they have money because or their type of actions before they had money.

There was a time I struggled

There was a time of little money

There was a time I seen personal growth as a cost not an investment

I’m the last 12 months I’ve invested the following

£40,000 to 1 mentor professional speaking 
£10,000 to same mentor for my partner 
£25,000 invested into my staff 
£4500 for a book coach 
£250 property course 
£5000 coaching course 
£6000 marketing training 
£1200 business group membership 
£500+ in property magazines and books 
£100 + personal development books

Return in last year?

My highest by a long way

Total profit + Income over £1,000,000

Some people spend £1000s a year on alcohol, drugs, fags, gambling etc but aren’t willing to invest just a small amount to change their lives.

We pay the price one way or another it’s just down to what we decide.

I currently offer some of the following services:

  • half day in person 9am -1pm or 12 - 4pm includes 30 mins for lunch £4000+ vat
  • full day in person £8,000+ vat includes hotel optional gym session breakfast & lunch
  • 7am-4pm (both in person meets include 2 x 1hr accountability/mentoring session with an ELITE coach on zoom to ensure you have taken action and you’re on track) 6 x 2 hr zoom £7,000+ vat

Property coaching can be found here.