Mortgage Advice

The main hurdle for property investors is often a lack of funds, let’s be honest it doesn’t matter what stage you are at on your investment journey you can never have too much funds.

Knowing how to access funds has played a major part in my success, In the earlier days it was the main thing which halted my progress as I wasn’t privileged to the knowledge and contacts I have today. Most people have a number of options that they aren’t even aware of and having the right team will help give you solutions. If you want to succeed in property then having a good broker who can get you access to finance is an essential person to have in your team.

There’s lots of different products that can help you get around the challenge of funds such as bridging finance, development finance, refurb products, bridge to let products these are
just some of the types, all are set up in a way to help you structure a deal.

I very rarely use any of my own money in any projects which has seen me add over 4million pounds worth of property to my portfolio in little over 2 years.

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